Wellness 4.3 is available.

In the new version:
  1. Some details in “New Profile” has been changed: Student’s number, University Entrance Year, Field of Study, Educational Level, Mobile Number, E-mail and Type of Residence.
  2. A new feature allows you to import several people’s information using Microsoft Excel.
  3. A psychological questionnaire has been added.
  4. “Iliac Crest” has been changed to “Supraspinal”.
  5. The name of some physical fitness tests has been changed.
  6. Agility test has been added to physical fitness tests.
  7. Experts’ comments field has been added.
  8. Reports have changed.
  9. Sole analysis has been added to New York test.
  10. Evaluator’s name field has been added.
  11. Some bugs are fixed.
Download the new version

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