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We provide equipment for sport centers for which measuring physical factors are important. These measurements help experts and coaches to get better results out of training and become more successful.


Our lab devices are computerized instruments which can be used in following labs:

Rehabilitation and Orthopedic
Sport Medicine and Geniatric
Medical Engineering

Physical Fitness

Assessment and monitoring athletes regarding to the sport they do. These devices are commonly used in:

Sport Academies
Corrective Exercise Clinics
Champion Centers

Sport TID

Sport TID (Talent Identificaton) is used for assessment and screening of the children aged between 8 to 14 in order to identify their compatible sport and estimate their success in those sports.

 Our Story

Our Story

We wanted to make sport objective to be measured and analyzed. In this way we could get closer to a healthier lifestyle. We chose "Using technology to make sport experts do better and healthier." as our mission and made a team to produce useful instruments for experts to prescribe more proper and exclusive exercises. And now we are in the middle of our way professionalizing sport.

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Here are three of our best-seller products!
Body Posture Analyzer
Body Posture Analyzer
Foot Medisense
Foot Medisense
Plantar Scanner
Plantar Scanner

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